Painted in Waterlogue

We all have gifts. I am a writer, it happens effortlessly. I have thick hair. Cats like me. Occasionally I can read minds.

These are my gifts (though to be honest, the mind reading one is not always a treat).

IMG_7596We don’t get to choose our gifts.

If I had to choose my own gifts I might choose differently. I might choose great beauty or the ability to sing. I’d definitely choose the ability to paint. Why waste no time with camera filters, if I could capture the magic of light on water with my bare hands?


My parents are both talented artists and I think my daughter has inherited some of this talent. But art has always frustrated  and eluded me.

What I see in my mind, what I capture on my camera even, I cannot ever seem to transfer to paint, ink, paper, brush. It’s as if I’m being taunted. I’m better off experimenting without any agenda.

My best art is a happy accident of random colors colliding.  Which is how I feel about my best photos at times as well. Lucky shots.


It wouldn’t matter so much if I didn’t have so many ideas in my head already. Frustrating ideas that I cannot express.

The camera is my crutch. A much easier tool for me to manage. I can almost frame and crop and compose what my mind’s eye sees with the camera. I  have a sense of control. Not always, but sometimes. Yet when it comes to my travel photos, I can never choose a photo that I’d like to print and frame. It’s as if there is something missing.

The camera is too literal, even when tricked out. My images are more documentary. Less art.


It’s hard for the camera to capture something so organic  as the breeze through the trees, sun streaming through a blue glass vase, flowers bleeding with colors so bright they cannot last but a single day. Painters do that. Effortlessly.


Painted in Waterlogue

Oh how I envy watercolor artists, who can dash out the essence of a vacation afternoon in a few confident strokes!

Painted in Waterlogue

I’d all but given up on experiencing anything remotely like this joy, when I discovered the Waterlogue app (credit to Alex Asher Sears who also designed my header for this site).

It was like finding a prized and perfect shell on the beach, left there just for me by serendipity. At long last my cell phone has granted me the gift that nature skipped.

I am so pleased with my own images that I am hard pressed to pick which to print first

Painted in Waterlogue

These are my best souveniers. Made by wind, sea, magic and an iphone app.

Ciaran 200x100 SIG

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  1. Barbara Feldman February 5, 2014 at 4:52 am #

    They are so beautiful. I scared to even LOOK at the app, for fear that I will fall down its rabbit hole. 🙂

    • admin February 5, 2014 at 4:57 am #

      It’s a beautiful rabbit hole Barbara. Come on down!

  2. Brian February 5, 2014 at 6:15 pm #

    I recognize the original pictures from your instagram feed, of course. But these transformations are AMAZONGV. They look even better blown up on my computer screen than on an iphone screen. I wasn’t sold on this app until I saw your post. Thanks for writing this up!


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