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Mercury is in retrograde, which is the only explanation I can find for this funky mental state. I keep having moments of chill clarity, somewhere between deja vu and memory. It happens unexpectedly, like a rainbow when there’s barely been a drizzle. Or maybe it’s more like those days when the air is impossibly clear […]

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This year has come and gone in one giant overnight growth spurt. I’m still rubbing the sleep out of my eyes, looking for a smaller child. You know that dream about missing an assignment? That is how I feel about this year. I’ve lost it. I’m a grown woman, but I still divide my years […]

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I’ve never been an Elvis fan. Nobody in my family has. Growing up we had racks full of records in my burnt-orange shag-rugged den. None of them were Elvis records. I’m not sure why that was. Perhaps it was the age of my parents, who were already married with kids by the time Elvis rocked […]

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What is it like to grow up at Disneyland? To know every corner of the park as well, or better than the swings at the playground on your corner? Ask my kids. They, and their friends, and the children of so many bloggers that I know, have grown up in Disney Parks. They are there […]

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Growing up in California has its perks. Sunset strolls on the beach and impromptu photo shoots. These are the moments childhood memories are made of. It was cold when we shot these photos and the wind was whipping us, chasing us back up the cliff at Salt Creek Beach in Laguna Niguel. But we lingered […]

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